About Us

About to drop the hottest Norse Tabletop game of 2018

Hail, warriors!  We are Nick Porter and Dominic DeDuonni, the creators of Sagas of Midgard out of Atlanta, GA. We’ve been playing and running tabletop RPGs for 20 years; 15 of those together. Over that time we’ve played every conceivable version of those games and in the end decided to throw our axes into the melee. Like many adventures, this one began with a drunken boast: while discussing over what we liked and didn’t like about other RPG systems, we landed on the million dollar question: “Let’s just design our own system. How hard could it be?”

We take ourselves VERY seriously.

The answer, of course, was very hard, but the past two years of development and playtesting were an experience we wouldn’t trade for anything. The resulting product is something of which we’re very proud. We became closer (and eventually lifelong) friends starting with tabletop games, and it’s our hope that with Sagas of Midgard, you can make friends (and stories) that will last a lifetime.



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