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Closing Touches and Monster Art

August Update: Monster Art and Closing Touches! 0 Comments 3 likes Hello friends! (Or, as Joe Pesci said in Home Alone… “Hiya, paaaaaaaaal”). How’s the weather where you are? Here […]

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Putting It All Together

July Update: Putting it all together! Hey folks! Update’s out a bit early this month since Nick is on his way out of town for a bit, but we wanted […]

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Robson Michel, Ragnarok, and more!

Welcome to the June production update! There’s not much exciting to report, which is a good thing; as many of you likely know, Kickstarters having “excitement” after they’ve wrapped is […]

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Sagas of Midgard May Production Update

Hi everyone! As the dust from the Kickstarter is finally settled, we’ve decided to cut down on spam by sending you one update a month letting you know what we’ve […]

So, uh… How You Been?

Hey there, Internet! After how vocal we were during the campaign, it’s plausible that the radio silence over the last month meant that perhaps we had been struck by lightning […]

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What Comes Next?

And with that, my friends, our Kickstarter is finished. It was a hell of a ride. Livestreaming We Closed out in Style with 53 of you last night. While we’re […]