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March Update: Distribution, Kickstarter Exclusives, and more!

Hello friends! Long time no hear, we know. It’s not for nothing. We’ve been waiting on some pretty big news, and HERE IT IS: WE’RE IN DISTRIBUTIONNNNN That’s right. We’re […]

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New Years’ Sale and KS Exclusive Adventure Update!

Hello friends! It’s been a great month (and a day) since we launched Sagas of Midgard. Sales have been steady and feedback thus far has been constructive and, by and […]

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First Week Roundup

Hi friends! In case you missed every single announcement, let’s make it super clear again: Sagas of Midgard is now live for retail! Get it by clicking here! We’ve had […]

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Hi friends, Not much to say here except the HUGE FREAKING NEWS that Sagas of Midgard is now live at retail! You can find it at DriveThruRPG. We’ll also have […]

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If you’re interested, I’ll detail the ballad of trying to get these books delivered at the bottom of the email. For now, let’s look at the big picture: Yep. Kickstarter. […]

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Packing Day and a note to our international backers

Hi friends, It’s here! It’s finally here! The greatest day on Earth! PACKING DAY! Yes, nineish months after our Kickstarter, we are putting the darn things into boxes and sending […]

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November Update: Quickstart Videos, Black-Eye Giveaway, and Rookie Mistakes!

Hi friends! Let’s get right to it: Retail is December 8th, come hell or high water! As we mentioned in our last update, retail got delayed a little from November […]

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What’s a Kickstarter Without Delays?

I know, I know. The bad news first: We had placed THE BIG ORDER for all of the books to send to you when we noticed a minor cosmetic blemish in the way the cover art had exported to the publisher. Rather than hope no one noticed, we decided to resubmit and are awaiting another proof. This is going to […]